Goodbye Linz’s Market

Linz's Market closed at 1193 Dundas West
Outside 1193 Dundas Street West, former home to Linz’s Market

Linz’s market, the convenience store on the south side of Dundas Street West, next door to The Garrison, has suddenly packed up their inventory and closed. The store has been at 1193 Dundas Street West for as long as we have been in the neighborhood (over 11 years). I don’t know about you, but Linz’s was our go-to grocery for last-minute items. They were never that well stocked but often had what we needed and were friendly and accommodating.

Linz’s sold produce, flowers, candy, milk, eggs and all sorts of packaged goods. For a while you could get bootleg DVDs there, plus they definitely moved lottery tickets.

Currently, there is no “For Lease” sign on the front of the store, which may mean this is all a renovation, but the inside looks more like they have are gone for good. We’ll keep an eye on what’s next for the space and update you as it happens.

Linz's Market Closed
Looking inside Linz’s Market – everything’s gone!