The Ossington BIA Planning Streetscape Improvements

Ossington Streetscape

Ossington BIA LogoThe Ossington BIA has just announced the initiation of the Ossington Streetscape Improvement Plan. They have teamed with local landscape architect firm The Planning Partnership. Together they will update the streetscape on Ossington between Queen and Dundas.

Streetscape Consultation

The team held a consultation meeting at West Neighborhood House last week. At the consultation, a representative from The Planning Partnership shared the current state of the streetscape plan and the goals of the BIA. Obviously, with so many different businesses on the street, and a multitude of users, there are a lot of considerations the team has to qualify before making changes. Things like parking, for bikes and cars, traffic, TTC buses, and deliveries were all mentioned at the public meeting, and the group is taking all that and more into account. Plus, they have to conform to city rules and regulations.

BIA Streetscape Vision

Ossington Streetscape Improvement Plan
Diagram from the Ossington Streetscape Improvement Plan

To share the ideas about changes to the streetscape, The Planning Partnership took us through a presentation. This presentation is available on the BIA’s website. The BIA and their landscape team are in discussion and planning stages with the various city departments, and of course, are inviting the public to participate.

For those who couldn’t attend last week’s meeting, you are still welcome to share your thoughts. Learn more about the Ossington BIA’s vision for more trees, more bike parking, and improved pedestrian activity on their website.


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