Tanto Restaurant Now Open on Ossington

Tanto Restaurant Potato Churros
Potato Churros at Tanto
Tanto 74 Ossington
Tanto, now open on 74 Ossington

Tanto Restaurant Now Open

Tanto Restaurant is now open on Ossington.

Located at 74 Ossington, the Argentinian inspired restaurant offers grilled foods and international dishes. The restaurant has an open kitchen in the rear, with a wood burning grill that’s used to cook many of the meats and vegetables on the menu.

Tanto’s menu moves from small to medium to large plates, and features a good mix of vegetables, meats and fish.

Tanto is part of a bigger Toronto restaurant group, which also includes midtown Toronto restaurants Cava, Atlas and Chabrol.

Inside Tanto Restaurant

We visited last night for dinner and enjoyed small, large and dessert menu items, and met some members of the team. Upon entering, Curtis Elson immediately welcomed us and attended us throughout our visit.

The chef is Julian Iliopoulos, who worked at Cava and travelled South America before returning to launch Tanto.

74 Ossington formerly housed restaurant Hungry Amoo, so not many changes were needed. Tanto has updated to an open kitchen in the back, overlooked by a large kitchen table. Additionally, there is a wall of beautiful – and comfortable – blue banquettes making up the centre of the restaurant. The front also holds tables and the bar.

Tanto Interior
Banquettes at Tanto Restaurant

We were impressed not only by the food and service, but also by the grace notes like the purse hooks on each table (which you can spot in the lower left in the photo above). No keeping your purse in your lap! You can hang it from the side of your table. Whoever included that, thank you!

Tanto is open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday from 6P-11PM and takes reservations. Check out more photos on their instagram page.

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