Dundas West’s Mahjong Bar, Toronto’s Hot New Nightspot


Mahjong BarOne of Toronto’s hottest new nightspots is Mahjong Bar, which recently opened on Dundas West and Dovercourt.

About Mahjong Bar

The new bar is a “secret bar” with no signage that you need to know is there to find. Located on the north side of Dundas West just west of Dovercourt, , along a strip that also includes The Dock Ellis and Imanishi, Mahjong is “hidden” behind a storefront bodega.  Mahjong’s address is 1276 Dundas Street West, which used to contain a sports bar.

On the night we went, the “bodega” didn’t look like much of a store. One person was behind the counter, several people were lurking out front smoking and/or talking, and the “store’s” “merchandise” was a small fridge with beer.They may have given up on the pretense after the huge wave of press in the past few weeks.

Mahjong Bar Press

Since opening in late September, Mahjong is the favorite of the Toronto press! Stories have focused on the décor, the menu, and the concept. The consensus is it’s sexy, stylish, and fun. We recently visited and we agree.

Inside Dundas West’s Mahjong Bar

The room is much bigger than we would have guessed, with a large bar in the center and banquettes and tables along the walls and in the front. We arrived before 8pm, just in time to snag the last two bar stools. The cocktail menu is inventive, the beer and cider list diverse, and the small food menu is delicious. We tried a couple of whiskey cocktails called Japanese highballs, a very dry cider from Hamilton, and a couple of food items. The crowd was growing by the time we left at around 9pm, with people rushing to claim our seats.

The Saturday night scene approached a clublike vibe, but we also recommend visiting Dundas West’s Mahjong Bar during the week to try the cocktails and the food, which comes to Mahjong Bar from half of the team from Soos on Ossington.

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