Schmaltz Appetizing Now Open at Dundas and Ossington

Schmaltz Appetizing bagel lox
Bagel and lox from Schmaltz

Schmaltz Appetizing LogoSchmaltz Appetizing Now Open

Dundas and Ossington is now a destination for smoked fish sandwiches since yesterday’s opening of Schmaltz Appetizing. Schmaltz opened at 224 Ossington Avenue and filled a neighborhood void with their delicious bagel sandwiches and friendly service.

About Schmaltz Appetizing

Schmaltz Appetizing now opens daily from 8a-7p. We went in this morning just after 8 and the staff were already serving customers. The space is bright and comfortable, and the d├ęcor mixes poppy deli style signage with references to the old pharmacies that long occupied 224 Ossington.

The Food

For those who haven’t been to the original outpost on Dupont Street, Schmaltz’ focus is smoked fish of multiple varieties. Ask for a sample if you can’t decide what to get! Schmaltz sells bagel sandwiches with cream cheese and fish, or fish to eat or to go.

The New York style bagels are very tasty and the house smoked salmon sandwiches, which run $9 or $10. Solo bagels are $1.50, and bagels with “schmears” of different flavors of cream cheese cost $3.99 (and there’s a horseradish flavour!). They also have an espresso machine so you can pair it with your java fix, and have a rugelach or latke on the side!

There are tables and counter seats inside the shop so you can enjoy your bagel while watching the street traffic at this corner joint, or take it on your way to work, school or wherever you go.

So, every day from 8a-7p you are free to get your bagel and smoked fish fix now that Schmaltz Appetizing is open.

Schmaltz Appetizing Now Open
The Schmaltz counter
Schmaltz Appetizing bagel lox
Bagel with lox from Schmaltz
latkes Schmaltz
Latkes at Schmaltz Appetizing
Schmaltz Appetizing coffee
Coffee and sweets at Schmaltz Appetizing
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