Ossington Now Has a Pop-Up For Naps

Casper Cottage logo

Casper Cottage logoThere is an Ossington nap pop-up. That’s right, Casper sleepware company just opened a retail store/marketing opportunity where you can take a nap in a bed on Ossington.

The Casper Cottage

Casper mattresses just opened “The Casper Cottage” this weekend at 45 Ossington. The pop-up occupies the space formerly home to Unleashed in the City before it moved to 211 Ossington in January. The marketing team for the mattress brand has transformed the space into what looks like a home decór store in the front, and a row of beds in the back. I walked by this morning but it wasn’t open yet – probably because people don’t need naps right after waking up!

How it works

According to the Casper press release, 45 Ossington is The Casper Cottage, your Toronto summer home. All you need to do to visit the Ossington nap pop-up is either book a bed in advance (maybe via email?) or just swing by on the chance one will be available. Then you can lie down on a Casper bed outifitted with Casper pillows and sheets and sleep in the store. The store/bed rental spot is open until August 20th. Hours are Tuesday – Wednesday 12-8p; Thursday – Friday 12-9p; and Saturday – Sunday 12-8p. If you get tired on a Monday, you’ll have to go home for a nap, or pull a Costanza and sleep under your desk at work.

Store layout

As I mentioned, the “cottage” wasn’t yet open when I walked over, but I did get some photos from the store window.

Ossington nap pop-up exterior
The exterior of the Ossington nap pop-up store by Casper

The front of the store is very retail looking with a white and blue theme. In keeping with the cottage theme, Muskoka chairs sit near the window, and behind that is a canoe filled with pillows.

Ossington nap pop-up interior
Inside the Casper Cottage on Ossington

For the napper, there is a row of beds set up in the back of 45 Ossington. I assume they will change the bedding between naps, and maybe they’ll even provide earplugs and masks, because it is still a retail store and in the open. It doesn’t look like an easy space to sleep, in a store in a row of beds. Maybe they’ll even have curtains between the beds once the store is open.

Ossington nap pop-up beds
In the back of the Casper Cottage are the beds

Based on the content of that Casper blog, this nap pop-up is not a new thing. They’ve done it in NYC, Venice and other parts of Toronto and Canada. This is also not the first big marketing act to take over an entire Ossington store-front: Harley Davidson Café was a huge success with customers and the media last summer. Does this mean more big advertisers on Ossington? Probably.
Will you take a nap on Ossington? Let us know in the comments or via social media.

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