The Best Places for Brunch in Ossington Village

Té brunch
Kimchi and Pork Eggs Benny at Té

An update to local brunch options as of September 2018 is available here!

This cold weather makes you want to relax over a hot meal in the middle of the day, cooked by someone else. Brunch is readily available at a variety of places in Ossington Village. Get out this weekend and enjoy at one – or more – of these excellent options for daytime food and drinks. Here are the best places for brunch in Ossington Village.

Union patioThe Classic Brunch: Union Restaurant

Union has been serving brunch for years, and people know about it. It’s the bistro brunch, with dishes ranging from poached eggs with thick cut bacon to pancakes and more. The brunch at Union is popular;  there are usually a few groups waiting at the door when it opens at 11am. In the summer, the capacity expands with the back patio, and it still gets full.

Good For: Holidays with Parents, couples; Basics: Union, 72 Ossington Ave. Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11a-3pm

Té brunch
Kimchi and Pork Eggs Benny at Té

Asian Fusion Brunch: Té

Since opening last spring, Té Restaurant has been serving their fusion food at dinner and brunch. The brunch menu is traditional with an Asian twist: for example, the eggs benedict includes kimchi and pork belly; and the green tea infused waffles.  Té is relatively new to Toronto, so there is not usually much of a wait.

Good For: Groups, couples; Basics: Té, 70 Ossington Ave. Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11a-3pm


All Day Brunch: The Lakeview

Dundas West’s Lakeview Restaurant is open 24/7 and the brunch menu is available the entire time.  If you do go during conventional brunch hours, you’ll also be able to choose from the regular menu. Brunch includes diner classics like egg sandwiches and pancake stacks. The Lakeview is a big place, but is also very popular, so try to go early, because during key brunch hours there are often line-ups.

Good For: Groups, Families; Basics: The Lakeview, 1132 Dundas West. Brunch 24 hours

Bluegrass Brunch: The Dakota Tavern

The Dakota Tavern‘s bluegrass brunch is so popular, they expanded it to both weekend days a few years ago. It’s all you can eat, family style, so is popular with groups and families. For those who don’t know, you can enjoy live music and unlimited plates of eggs, sausages and pancakes for one price. Kids love dancing to the music, and grandparents, and others, enjoy watching them. For groups of 6 or more, they take reservations for Saturdays, otherwise you’ll have to wait in line so get there before it opens or you may have to wait for a seat.

Dakota Tavern Bluegrass Brunch
photo courtesy Dakota Tavern

Good for: Kids, Groups, Music Lovers; Basics: The Dakota Tavern, 249 Ossington Ave. Brunch: $18 adults; 7$ kids; Reservations for Saturdays only, Brunch Sat-Sun 10a-2pm

La Cubana sign

Cuban Brunch: La Cubana

La Cubana is another Ossington spot that gets busy during peak brunch times. And no wonder: the fast counter service and ample portions of Cuban classics in the diner setting make a great place to stop in for a quick or leisurely meal. More lunch than brunch, you’ll find pork sandwiches, roast chicken and some veggie options, along with great coffee.

Good For: Groups, Singles, Quick Service; Basics: La Cubana, 92 Ossington Ave. Opens at 12 noon

Rashers OssingtonBacon Sandwich Brunch: Rashers

Rashers is not technically a brunch place, but their regular menu is definitely brunch food. The main ingredient in everything they serve is bacon: peameal, English cut or strip bacon. Your sandwich can also include eggs or not. Your choice. Line up, order and wait for your number to be called. You can sit in a booth, the window, or eat and run.

Good for: Families, Singles, Groups, Quick Service; Basics: Rashers, 182 Ossington Ave. Saturday-Sunday opens at 10a

hungry Amoo
Photo courtesy Hungry Amoo

The Undiscovered Brunch: Hungry Amoo

Ossington’s newest spot for brunch, Hungry Amoo serves fusion style brunch. Mostly classic dishes with a slight twist, so expect pancakes and eggs benedict with brisket or smoked salmon. As a newer spot on the Ossington strip, this is still an undiscovered gem, so get there before the crowds do!

Good for: Groups, couples; Basics: Hungry Amoo, 74 Ossington Ave. Brunch: Saturday 11a-3pm;Sunday 11a-4pm


Dock Ellis LogoSports Bar Brunch: The Dock Ellis

Dundas West sports bar Dock Ellis offers hearty classic brunch dishes while you enjoy football, baseball, or whatever game is on. The options range from eggs benny and french toast to chicken and waffles. At Dock Ellis, the quality of food has always been a step above your typical sports bar, so expect the same for brunch. If there’s a big game on, get there early, but the size of the space and the friendliness of the staff generally makes it easy to find somewhere to sit, eat, drink and watch.

Good for: Sports fans, groups; Basics: The Dock Ellis, 1280 Dundas West. Brunch: Saturday-Sunday noon – 5pm

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