Ride Cycle Club Coming to Ossington

ride cycle club logo

ride cycle club logoRide Cycle Club, another Vancouver chain, is coming to Ossington.

Vancouver Chains Currently on Ossington

Ossington has become almost a Vancouver east, with all the West Coast chain stores that have opened on the street recently:

About Ride Cycle Club

As we mentioned, Ride Cycle Club is a company founded in Vancouver. It was founded by J.J. Wilson, the son of the founder of Lululemon. Once Lululemon scouted out their new space for The Local, they also leased the next door space for Ride Cycle Club.

About Ride Cycle Club Ossington

A spin studio, Ride Cycle Club is taking over the space recently vacated by Studio Fitzroy, beneath the Lower Ossington Theatre at 98 Ossington.

The space is currently being renovated and of course, they’ll have to install all the equipment for spin classes. Word is, the space is opening early in 2017.

It looks like one spin class will cost $24, with very slight discounts per “ride” as you purchase bigger packages.

We took some photos of the new sign on the door today, and we’ll let you know when the studio is open and running spin classes.

Ride Cycle Club Door

Ride Cycle Club Ossington
Ride Cycle Club is taking over the downstairs space of Lower Ossington Theatre
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