Main Drug Mart Moving Down Dundas West

Main Drug Mart, which has long held the southwest corner positionĀ at Dundas and Ossington, is moving down the street to 1169 Dundas Street West.Main Drug Mart moving

1169 Dundas Street West used to be the home to a Portuguese store called Silver Town. I never really visited that store, but it’s not a corner lot like the current Drug Mart space, so appears to be smaller.

No word as to why the move from the prime corner spot atĀ 1147 Dundas Street West. I stopped in at the existing location the other day to find out more, but couldn’t get an answer from staffers as to why the business is moving. They did deny the building being sold, so maybe rent went up and/or they want a smaller space.

The move is scheduled to be done pretty quickly: the new store will be open for a community celebration on Monday, October 31.

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