The Golden Girls Are Putting On A Show At the LOT

thankyoufriendpromoThe Golden Girls are at Lower Ossington Theatre (LOT)!

Not the real Golden Girls, but puppets that sure look like them, and actors that sure sound like them! If you were a fan of the 80s sitcom when it originally aired, or became a fan over the succeeding years through reruns, this modern day incarnation, Thank You For Being a Friend, should amuse you and your friends.

I went with a group of friends last night and can tell you all about it!

It’s like watching new episodes of The Golden Girls

The 2 hour show at Lower Ossington Theatre, really less than 2 hours with an intermission, is like watching episodes of the show only in the theatre with live people and puppets. The characters and setting are the same, but the scripts are updated with modern-day references. The storylines are all familiar from the series itself and you’ll watch scenes in both their living room and their kitchen. They even have some cheesecake! Did you know that The Golden Girls ran from 1985-1992 and had 180 episodes!? Consider this a 183 episodes and sit back and enjoy.

Thank You For Being a Friend
The living room set at LOT

The actors and puppets really bring The Golden Girls to life

The actors and puppets do a great job of bringing The Golden Girls to life. The puppets look like the characters themselves, especially Dorothy! When we were reading the program before the show, a few of us noticed that all the puppets are voiced by women, except Dorothy! And the actor/puppeteer Jeremy Crittenden really captures Bea Arthur’s deep and masculine sounding voice. Sometimes you might think it’s herself.

Hot Topics

For a mainstream sitcom about 4 elderly ladies living together in Miami, Golden Girls tackled a lot of controversial topics of the time. I don’t want to give anything away, but these ladies still love sex, are gay friendly, and insult each other with abandon.

The key details

Thank You For Being a Friend, The Golden Girls Experience is playing at LOT

  • LOT is at 100 Ossington Avenue
  • The Golden Girls Experience shows are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm; Saturday and Sunday matinees
  • Tickets cost $49.99, $59.99 for kitchen table seating up front, with a slice of cheesecake. For $15 more, you can do a meet and greet after the show!
  • Show is running until November 20th
Golden Girls Audience
Our crew after the show last night


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