Big Movie Shoot at Dundas and Ossington

There is a high budget shoot happening on Dundas at Ossington today. The production team is trying to keep the name of the feature a mystery, but word is out that it’s Guillermo del Toro’s latest feature, The Shape of Water, which fits everything we learned today.

The Movie is set in the 1960s

This is one piece of information that was willingly given out by one of the many workers on the production. The period costume and the vintage cars serve as further evidence.

Ossington shoot
Extras on set on Ossington

According to online info on The Shape of Water, it’s set in Cold War Era, circa 1965.

It has a pretty good sized budget

The street is blocked off for parking from Dundas and Grove on the west, south along Ossington to Rolyat, and on Dundas east of Ossington. This is so they can park all the vintage cars,, of which I counted at least 7.

Vintage Car
Vintage Car Dundas and Ossington
Vintage Army Truck
Vintage Vehicle Dundas and Ossington

















Did I mention the multitudes of cast and crew? Three of the four corners at Dundas and Ossington had line-ups of extras dressed in period costume.  There are also tens of crew members around, preventing anyone from finding out what is being filmed.

In addition, there are a couple of green screens out there, including one covering the West Neighborhood House at the northwest corner of Dundas and Ossington.

Green Screen
Green Screen Dundas and Ossington

Filming in the Lakeview

In addition to the assumed exterior shots (assumed because of all the extras on the street and the vintage cars, which aren’t going indoors), word is The Lakeview is being used for interior shooting. The Lakeview is often a location for film shoots, and definitely fits the period.

Lakeview Exterior
Lakeview Exterior

We also know for sure that this movie is filming in Toronto now. If you see Octavia Spencer, Sally Hawkins or Michael Shannon around, or Guillermo del Toro!, you’ll know for sure this is the movie.

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