La Banane to open – replacing The Saint

La Banane now open

La Banane

Chef with Great Pedrigree coming to Ossington opening La Banane

A new restaurant, La Banane, is scheduled to open soon on at 227 Ossinton, the former location of The Saint Tavern.  Brandon Olson, who has spent time at such Toronto notable restaurants as The Black Hoof and Bar Isobel – and completed a stint at The French Laundry – as well as running his own chocolate company, CXBO, is stepping in with a new concept restaurant called La Banane. We’re still short on details on the new location, but given the pedigree of the owners, we’re excited that we’ll be having some excellent food very soon. Keep an eye on their Facebook page here, as well as their Instagram here.

The Saint Tavern is now closed

Sunday night was their last night for The Saint Tavern in the location. They have served up their great steaks, brunches and maple glazed bacon since April 2012King Street Food Co, the company behind The Saint, will still be involved, and is the backer behind the new venture.

Keep your eyes open on the location, and we’ll be updating when we know more.