KFC location has proposed redevelopment submission

20160821_100212The owner of the property where there is currently KFC at the corner of Grove Ave and Dundas, 1121 Dundas Street West, has submitted a proposal to the city to demolish the current restaurant on the corner and build another one story building, with 5 units. According to the application the new space will be designated such that each space will hold a restaurant, 2 over 30 seats and 3 under 30 seats. We assume that the new building will extend right out to the property line, as there is little use for the on-site parking in a downtown location.

As residents, we will not be missing the KFC – neither of us having visited the shop in the 10 years we’ve lived in the neighbourhood – so we will be looking forward to some new, creative food and restaurants options in the neighbourhood. It’s not like we don’t have enough, but we can always use more.

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