The Epicure Is Closed

Epicure Closed sign

So it looks like we have the first casualty in the dispensary wars at Dundas and Ossington. The Epicure, the first of it’s kind in our area, has burnt out. The first to open turned out to be the first to burn out as well.

Epicure Closed sign

The phone number they’ve left rings to a recorded message for The Vapor Social and another phone number. That leads to another message which seems to be a personal voicemail box. We don’t know anything about the circumstances behind their closing.

If you were a customer of The Epicure Dispensary, you can try the phone route or another dispensary in our neighborhood will probably be happy to supply you.

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  1. Who cares? Do we need a dozen “dispensaries” within a km of Oz and Argyle?

    (And, do you ever approve comments on this blog?)

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