Experience Virtual Reality Theatre

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VividVRLogoOur neighbourhood has another entertainment option this summer. Vivid VR has opened a pop-up virtual reality theatre on Dundas between Dovercourt and Ossington in the space run by local art gallery and event space Milk Glass.


The experience last about an hour and costs $20 and you get to ‘live’ in three different short films, each using the new virtual reality medium in a different way. The shows run about every hour in the evenings on weekdays and from 1pm on on weekends. Reserve your tickets online here.

About the films

Vivid VR headset
The VR head set at Vivd VR

The three films screening now offer a variety of styles, which is a great way to imagine the possibilities of this art form. First is The Visitor, a creepy horror-style film shot in 3rd person showing a couple mostly talking to each other. The second is called Imago which is shot in first person and follows a former dancer with her family. Last but not least is the sci-fi adventure set in space called Sonar. You can read a little more about each here, but try not to so you won’t be spoiled before you go!t This slate of three shows runs until August 12th. Then, you can return and see a new and different group of 3 until Vivid VR ends it’s run at Milk Glass on September 11th.

The Experience

When you arrive, you’ll need to check in and sign a waiver. You’ll sit in one of about 20 swivel chairs which allow you to turn around completely and see the whole scenery. You’ll also be given  Oculus headsets to wear – these are equipped with Samsung hardware and high-quality Sennheiser headphones to hear. The staff will take you through an intro and “how-to” and are there to help you when you need it during the experience.

We’re fortunate because this is the first VR pop-up theatre in North America, and it’s not only in Toronto, it’s right in our neighbourhood. Check it out this summer while you can.