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Canna Clinic Ossington Open


The Vancouver based marijuana dispensary chain Canna Clinic has opened it’s doors on Ossington. Located at 213 Ossington, it is the 6th Toronto outpost for the brand since the new year.

Dispensaries in Ossington Village

We have a lot of marijuana dispensaries in the Ossington and Dundas area – at least four in a very small radius. Canna Clinic joins Dundas West’s The Epicure, Eden Dispensary and Twisted Smoke Haberdashery, not to mention Ossington’s The Ossington Dispensary, right across the street at 198 Ossington. While Dundas and Ossington may not be the epicentre of THC trade in the city, as Kensington Market ranks up there, this addition certainly pushes us towards peak pot purveyorship.


Toronto’s Climate for Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries fall within a grey area of criminality in Toronto. Not officially deemed legal yet by the government, some have suffered the consequences with police raids and shut-downs becoming big news earlier this summer.  While it’s been a few weeks since this kind of police crackdown, there’s no way of knowing if they’ve made their point or want to keep fighting these clinics. It’ll also be interesting to see if the market is strong enough for all of these marijuana merchants in this small area.

Canna Clinic Specifics

Canna Clinic Ossington has daily specials and happy hour deals. Memberships are required. If you are already a member of any of the Canna Clinics in Toronto your membership will be accepted at the Ossington spot.

Due to the police crackdowns, Canna Clinic is not selling any edibles, but offers a vast variety of buds, salves and oils. The sign says it’s open 7 days a week. On the marijuana information site Leafly, the Kensington location of Canna Clinic has very high reviews from customers – and a lot of them. So if that’s your style, get out your pipe and go.

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  1. Who cares? I live in Ossington Village and there are now more cannabis joints than places to buy cigarettes and I don’t care. I’d rather not have them around.

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