Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Lower Ossington Theatre

Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy

joesphThe Lower Ossington Theatre was packed with people of all ages on Saturday for the theatre’s newest production, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s biblical family musical, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The production is full of singing, dancing and jokes, which was great for a mixed crowd of little children, teens, couples, and grandparents. The 1 hr 30 minute production (with a 15 minute intermission) flew by, as the songs and dances were lively and fun.

One of the great things about being a regular at LOT productions is getting to see actors reappear from other shows you’ve loved. For example, the narrator, Bianca Heuvelmans, an actress with a beautiful singing voice, has appeared in several LOT productions. Remembered from Avenue Q is the talented Phil Skala, playing Joseph’s brother Levi, who shines with his solo performance of “Angel in Heaven” in this production. Additionally, our standout from Anything Goes, Thomas James Finn, is back as the Elvis-like Pharaoh and a huge hit here too.

We attended the show with friends, including 2 boys, age 12 and 9, and got a wider perspective than just our own. It was unanimous! All of them loved the show and the production. “Go Go Joseph” was a favourite song, and everybody left the theatre happy.

This production of Joseph runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons through July 24th. Tickets are $49.99-59.99 and available online.

Some photos from the production and our friends:

Seanna Kennedy Photography LOT 2016 JOSEPH Promo (57)
Our Narrator (Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy)
Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy
Joseph and his coat (Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy)
Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy
Pharaoh (Media Photos by Seanna Kennedy)
They LOVED the show!
They LOVED the show!
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