Ossington Dispensary Now Open

20160422_184904As of 4/20/16, Ossington Dispensary is now open and providing medicinal marijuana at 198 Ossington Avenue. If you’re like us, you’ve probably never stepped foot inside 198 Ossington, former home to Portugal Draperies.

We visited today and were warmly greeted by a receptionist who explained the process of obtaining medicinal marijuana. You do need a prescription or doctor’s note or evidence of a malady from a list of those which can be treated or aided with the use of the medical pot. The staff are well equipped to help understand and explain the process. Once they are assured of your medical need you can become a member, and can return and purchase regularly.

There are experts on staff who can explain all the different strains and varieties available, and what works best for your personal ailment, whether it’s flower, edible or extract.  They have a variety of products available including marijuana good for morning use which doesn’t make you drowsy, to other species that are good for the evening, when drowsiness is what you’re looking for. They also have other products such as infused corn-nuts, chocolate, infused butter and more, as well as rolling papers and accessories.

We took some photos of some of the selection of products available. They just opened, so website is not up and running but they do have an instagram account. They are planning to have a doctor in-house for consultations and prescriptions.





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