Almighty Bao Soft Opens Tonight in Churchill’s Kitchen

Almighty Bao at Churchill

Almighty Bao at ChurchillDundas West nightspot Churchill has announced the closure of their former kitchen purveyor Luther’s Chicken and the launch of The Almighty Bao.

So instead of fried chicken and biscuits coming out of the kitchen at 1212 Dundas Street West, they’ll be serving up some Chinese style bun sandwiches.

Bao is a pretty popular food item in Toronto these days and makes sense as bar food. It’s cheap, portable, and easy to eat. Plus, you can put almost anything between those soft mushy buns.

We’ll find out soon what fillings the Almighty Bao is serving out of the 1212 Dundas West kitchen. What we know now is what Churchill posted on Facebook and Instagram – they’ve done pop-ups in the Churchill kitchen before, and it must have been a success, because Almighty Bao is soft opening tonight.



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