Baby Huey Re-Opening This Weekend in New Ossington Location

baby hueyAfter over a year of silence,  Baby Huey started posting on Facebook today. We thought to ourselves, what’s that all about? Well now we know and it’s big news: Baby Huey, an old Ossington establishment known for it’s patio, karaoke and late nights, which closed for a while last year to little fanfare, is returning in a new Ossington space this weekend!

Rock Lobster just closed early this week, and the place they vacated at 110 Ossington will not be empty for long: Baby Huey is taking over. We found out via an event posted on Facebook – their Re-Opening Weekend! As of Friday, March 4, you can get back to partying at Baby Huey, just make sure you go a little north of where you used to: 110 Ossington.


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