Crooked Star Closing for Renos; Last Service Tonight

csMaybe you have been there for the Coronation Street Sunday brunch, or enjoyed some quality summer sun on the side patio, or grabbed a couple of pints while waiting for a call from Pizza Libretto or Foxley with your table. Most locals have been to Crooked Star at least a few times over the years. Well, tonight is going to be your last chance to raise a glass there for a little while at least. After tonight, the owners are closing the bar at 202 Ossington Avenue to do some renos.

We stopped in last night to help finish off the last keg – a Nickel Brook blonde – and witnessed the last Steigl served at the current incarnation of our definitive “local” bar. No word on what the plans are for the reno, will it become gentrified like so much else of the area? The Facebook post doesn’t say, but in the meantime, stop by tonight, hoist a cider, and reminisce about the good old days. My memory? A warm summer’s night on the patio watching the workers and patrons entering “Baby Dolls,” the strip club which used to be across the street, now occupied by The Ballet. Share your memories of Crooked Star in our comments, and help them finish off their inventory before they close.


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