Legally Blonde a Fun Night out On Ossington

lot-lb2015The latest show to debut at Lower Ossington Theatre is the comedic musical Legally Blonde. You may already know the sugary story from the movie starring Reese Witherspoon, and the musical doesn’t change much. What it does is add some cute and fun songs and dances – including one very impressive jump roping number – and the show at LOT doesn’t disappoint. You – and your girlfriends – that is who you’ll want to see the show with – will have a few laughs at this light comedic show.

The cast is fun and energetic. A standout performer is the star Madison Hayes-Crook as dreamy lovebird Elle Woods, who heads to Harvard Law School to follow her ex-boyfriend and turns out to be a successful student herself. Good thing she is so good because she rarely leaves the stage. Other highlights include Lindsay van der Grinten in a hilarious role as hairdresser Paulette and Breanne Dietrich as debutante Vivian Kensington.

Legally Blonde is running 5 shows a week Thursday – Sunday until November 22nd. Tickets cost between $49.99 and $69.99 – for the top price you get a front row seat and a specialty cocktail for a great girls’ night out. You’ll be saying “Oh My God You Guys” for sure.

Madison Hayes-Crook as Elle WoodsLB2

Lindsay van der Grinten as Pauline


Justine Grimes and the jump rope dancersJumpropeLB

Photos: Seanna Kennedy Photography

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