New Openings: Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese and Return To Oss

cropped-Bobbie_website_headerTwo new restaurants opened this weekend on Ossington, 20150926_180813Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese and Return to Oss. Bobbie Sue’s is providing giant portions of a variety of mac & cheese styles, from classic to pulled pork, curry and even a vegan option. The address is 162 Ossington, but it’s located on Foxley, around the corner from the owners’ Hawker Bar. The down-home spot has a walk up window and serves the cheesy pasta concoction from the counter to the sidewalk to-go. It’s just open, but we imagine there may be indoor seating in the colder months. We’ll wait and see.



ReturntoOssThe other new opening is at 217 Ossington, previously held by Fishbar and now occupied by Return to Oss. This restaurant doesn’t seem to have a particular theme to their large menu, with a mixture of cuisines on the fare. We don’t know what the name means; is it someone who has had a business on Ossington before? or does it refer to something else completely? We’ll let you know when we learn more.




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  1. Return To Oss features upcoming British Chef from The Belfry the first golf course in the world to host the Riders Cup 3 years running. With his French background working with well known Micheline Chefs in the UK an some amazing opportunities in Greece India Egypt and all over the world, he comes back to the Ossington strip after careful
    consideration of what Torontonians like and what they are willing to spend. Its truly an honor as a Canadian to have some good Micheline food in our back yard. Good luck Chef Brampton and welcome back to Ossington you’ve been missed.

  2. Return to Oss is owned by the same family that owns 219 Ossington. They have been part of the Ossington community for 20 years. It’s really nice to see that they are continuing to contribute to the community. I went there during the first week and the serve who helped me was lovely. He explained that the name came to be because the chef and the family were both returning to new business on the strip and wanted customers to return to the business, I thought that was pretty sweet.

  3. Starter Clams
    Main Duck
    Dessert Chocolate Mousse

    Check it out

    My dish was delicious. Not too crazy about the server that was dressed outside of the black shirts. She was more concerned about her conversation with the really short server in boots who was on her phone at the coffee table and walked passed us several times. BUT Chef Brampton came out asking how we enjoyed our meal. I’m assuming she’s help as she doesn’t dress the part.

    I’d definitely try more of the dishes and I’m really looking forward to trying the lamb and the banoffee pie. The business needs the proper host there who deals with fine dining that’s for sure. Definitely will be back.

  4. Did you mean to order clams? I’m confused. If you meant to order scallops and that’s what you got what do the servers need to know? You just made a typo. It seems like your just being a little biased. I was there last week and the staff was fantastic! The food, the atmosphere everything was incredible and so affordable. There is really no problem. I didn’t see any of the things you are reporting. I highly recommend Return to Oss!

  5. Really has nothing to do with the food where this restaurant slipped up.

    It was the service. The type of service you get from the Portuguese place next door is the same. Just as disgusting. I guess that’s why they haven’t had the doors open for the last couple of days. So ummm, does that mean they shut the doors. What a joke? Welcome to Toronto hahaha

  6. I think you need to stop being so disrespectful. No one said anything about there being an issue with the food. The place next door has been in business for over 40 years so I’m sure there is nothing wrong with it. I have lived near the strip for about five years and have never seen it have a red or yellow pass so I’m sure if there was a problem with it being disgusting that would have been addressed and it wiuldnt have such a folol wing lIke it does. I’m also not sure what the issues are with this place and why the doors have been closed but you clearly are friends with the chef if you are pushing so hard to blame everyone else but him. This isn’t the place for snarky, rude, and childish remarks. It also isn’t anyones fault that you can’t tell the difference between clams and scallops.

  7. I wish I was friends with the chef. Lol Watch your spelling by the way. That is what auto correct is for. And you must be that small chick talking to the nasty girl walking around thinking she owned the place. I think my server Rob called her Tessa or something. Anyway, I heard she put her parents in the hole. Talk of Ossington. Ask locals in the area. She dropped out of Uni twice before she graduated. Wow, can’t believe her parents gave her that place to waste. They should have had the son run it. And yes they were given a yellow ticket about 4 to 5 months ago. Look it up on Yelp anyway I’m done. This is what happens when you let a kid run a restaurant thinking its a drop in center for friends. I feel so sorry for all the staff who put they’re heart into the success of watching this business grow.

    I have no respect for a chicken place thinking they can do fine dining an if I could find that chef I’d invite him to my cousins restaurant. He has seven downtown. He’d fit in perfectly.

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