Experience Nuit Blanche Locally

SNB15_toronto_960x220This is the 10th year of Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and you can experience the free city-wide art party without travelling far, because there’s lots to do on Dundas, Ossington, and the local area.

This Saturday, October 3, at sunrise, explore the main exhibitions in the downtown core, sure, but also try the independent projects closer to home. Galleries, shops and music venues are all participating, and we’ve got the local highlights:

ravetapesThe Garrison, RAVETAPES: An Intergalactic. Interactive. Dance Music Experience.

This music club on Dundas West is hosting an event from music promoter Wavelength – a 12 hour interactive dance party from 7PM on Saturday to 7AM on Sunday. Different DJs will play all night and we don’t know what the interactive part is, but it sounds like fun!

Bridge + Bardot: Silenced SarissilencedSaris

Dundas West Vintage Shop serves as the venue for this photography and film exhibition exploring the history of South Asian female sexuality in public and private. Runs from 7PM-7AM.

PeepTiger of Sweden: Theatre Panik Art Project, PEEP

Check out this blend of high-performance drag show and photography at this 12-hour mutating exhibit at this popular Ossington fashion retailer. The exhibition will be in the window of the store, where performers will be recreating iconic photos in drag, so you can peep from the sidewalk or go inside to get closer.

Artscape Youngplace: Multiple exhibits. Conveniently located nearby on Shaw Street, the community arts hub is a natural fit for Nuit Blanche. Ranging from sound installations to interactive installations to more theatrical works, the night is open to everyone and there will be lots to explore.

photograpMillenials (the biggest participants in Nuit Blanche, according to a recent Globe and Mail story) will especially enjoy Memory Cube, the interactive social media exhibit that allows people to upload photos from their social media accounts to create and view their own memory bank in the moment.

Artscape will be open from 7A-7P also, so just head over and you’ll see the depth of exhibits on offer.

fluxdeluxTrinity Bellwoods Park Community Centre: Peggy Baker Dance Project Flux Delux

Another interactive project invites attendees to participate with their cell phones – as of September 30, you’ll be able to download the app that will help you participate in and control the performance. This performance is meant to be all-inclusive for people of all abilities to enjoy.

A little further afield are more venues like The Gladstone Hotel, Theatre Centre and the Drake Hotel. Plus, many other spaces will probably host their own events to on Saturday night, so keep your eyes open and have a fun night exploring the city.

Admission to Nuit Blanche events is free and the TTC will be running all night for your convenience.

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