Omaw Opening Soon

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UPDATE: Omaw is soft opening tonight and last night, serving up food and non-alcoholic drinks. Their liquor license is pending but imminent. They’ll be open at 5PM Tuesday – Sunday, so go sample some delicious southern style cuisine! 

OMAW88 Ossington is soon to be home to a Southern restaurant called Omaw, filling a cuisine cavity on Ossington, despite the delicious ribs at Union/CDB.

The former home to bar/club Levack Block, the space has been converted by chef Matt Blondin and catering team The Food Dudes. Toronto Life posted the news that the restaurant is opening soon, and in our wanderings we noticed the place looks ready to open:

OMAWfrontdoorChef Blondin’s tweet from February expected a March opening, but things may be getting closer. The latest news we could find is a posting from early July for restaurant staff. They  should be staffed up and ready to open by now, right?

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the doors open and we get to try the grub! If you beat us there, let us know in the comments or social media.

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