There’s a New Restaurant on Ossington: Indian Grill

IMG_1905Amaya Express closed for “renovations” earlier this spring, and didn’t open again. Instead, just this week a new – and noticeably better looking – Indian restaurant has opened in the space at 108 Ossington. Called Indian Grill, the interior is much improved – you may want to stay and dine rather than do take-out as was common with Amaya.

The menu has a lot of options: a variety of curries, tandooris and other traditional Indian dishes, all at reasonable prices – the entrees maxed at about $13. While Amaya Express didn’t succeed, maybe Indian Grill will. We learned today that it is a family-run business, where the wife is the chef and the husband manages the front-of-house, where he already has experience at other Indian restaurants.

They’ve been open for 5 days, and expect to have their liquor license next week. We’ll let you know when we get to try the food.

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