NXNE is back and hopefully better this year


June 17-21st is NXNE, and while they’ve over-complicated it this year, it’s not all bad *we hope.

One improvement over last year is they got rid of the stupid non-compete which didn’t allow any performers to play Toronto for weeks outside of their official NXNE shows. Thankfully, bands will play at daytime shows and we’ll have plenty at places like The Garrison and The Great Heart Fest in Trinity Bellwoods. Aside from The Garrison, there will be shows nightly at The Painted Lady on Ossington.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing a drop-off in the number of local venues participating in the festival. The Dakota Tavern and The Great Hall are notable misses.

We’re updating our calendar so be sure to check it out daily for all the best shows and more in the neighbourhood.



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