Restaurant News – March 2015

We wanted to update you with some news from the local restaurant scene.

A negrowoplogow juicebar and eatery will open soon on the street. They call themselves The Grow-Op, and are instagramming as they renovate the former fish market at 222 Ossington, just south of Dundas.

Hawker Bar‘s expansion to the second floor allows for some creative events at the beloved Asian resto-bar. You can rent the space out yourself, and the staff are also planning some fun themed nights. Stay tuned!IMG_1219

Fans of the vast selection of craft beer at Get Well no longer have to leave when they want food to go with it. Beginning this weekend, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria is serving slices and pies to eat in or to go from the bar.


supersnackbrosRock Lobster founder Matt Dean Pettit is launching a Food Network web series! Not satisfied with three outposts of his seafood restaurant, including the original at 110 Ossington, a line of seafood products in supermarkets, and an acclaimed cookbook, he’s going to become a Food Network star! Matt and Damian Abraham from punk band F*cked Up did a series called Super Snack Brothers, which we’ll be able to watch as of Friday, March 27.

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