Cote de Boeuf Opens Evening Salon

cotedeboeufOssington butcher shop and fine foods purveyor Cote de Boeuf has new things in store for us in the New Year. The shop, owned by Union Chef-Owner Teo Paul and his partner brother Chasen Gillies, is staying open in the evenings Thursday through Saturday and afternoons on Sunday to serve us snacks and drinks. We stopped in last night, had a glass of wine and a few treats from the menu. You can come in and have a drink while you shop for dinner, have a snack before heading home, or have a whole meal here. Another chance to eat their delicious meats and cheeses? Happy New Year!

IMG_20150108_195741  The menu. IMG_20150108_200356

Serving snacks from behind the counter.


The tartiflette – roasted potato with creme fraiche and bacon.


A small selection of wines, cava and beer.