Yours Truly is closing at the end of September

YTwebYours Truly, the restaurant at 229 Ossington that renovated the old Galaxy Donuts spot (remember them?) announced today that September will be their last month of service and then they will be shutting their doors for good. They opened their doors in December 2011 to a small but high quality menu. During the course of their life they wandered back and forth between prix fixe menus and a la carte, with a focus on small dishes. They also had a great bar staff serving up unique cocktails and other drinks. At the end of March last year, Jeff Claudio, the famed chef they hired to get the restaurant going, departed for other opportunities and to travel the world and learn about more food. They hired Lachlan Culjak to replace him, and the food remained at a very high standard.

They also participated in a lot of local and city events including the Table d’Oz fundraiser, their own annual backyard BBQ (which just happened this weekend), as well as the recent Gluten Freedom week and  Cocktail week with their Bar Manager John Bunner as a participant in the citywide contest.

No word on what’s going in the location after departure, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.