Ossington Food News – August 2014

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Lots of changes going on in the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants, most happening this Fall. We’ve got lots of news that will whet your appetites.

Just this summer, we’ve already had two local openings – Ossington Stop and Mamakasalready reported on here and elsewhere. We should probably also count Bang Bang Ice Cream, which we reported on early, and now the whole city can’t stop lining up to get their taste!

borealiaArdor Bistro hasn’t been open for ages, and we’ve learned via social media that a new spot – that sounds delicious – will be opening at 59 Ossington soon. Ardor Bistro couldn’t find their way – it probably didn’t help that their signature drink was exceedingly difficult to get in stock – but Borealia has a good chance of success. The owner is Evelyn Wu Morris, who’s twitter profile lists Fat Duck, O+B, Coi and Nota Bene as her resume. Earlier this month, they hosted a pop-up dinner with an amazing menu.  She and her team are aiming for an October opening of their restaurant, and we can’t wait!

junklogoThe space that housed Levack Block has been undergoing some renos since closing last spring. The roomy space at 88 Ossington will soon be occupied by a stellar team of Toronto food world icons, Matt Blondin and The Food Dudes. Blondin has served as chef at Momofuku Daisho and Acadia and The Food Dudes serve high-end lowbrow food through their food truck and catering company. The premise of Junk is a casual atmosphere with salvaged decor and innovative snacks to eat. Hope for an opening this Fall also.

Finally, Quinta, on Dundas West, is now closed, – but the team is holding onto the space where they’ve been serving modern takes on Portuguese rustic dishes for the past two years and opening a new venture in September. 1282 Dundas Street West will then be known as Essen, and Chef and Owner Leor Zimmerman is converting the menu into a family style Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine.

So, lots to look forward to this Fall. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the constant changes in our area’s vibrant restaurant scene.

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