Promo for New HBO Canada Series Showcases Ossington

Kim Cattrall is the star of HBO Canada’s upcoming new series Sensitive Skin, but Ossington features prominently in the promo. The promo spot gives some screen time to several Ossington businesses, including Lush & Lavish Salon, BQM Burger, Fishbar, El Nardo Kitchen Supply, and the a-frame board for Crooked Star.

The show itself is an adaptation of a BBC series and Cattrall stars with Don McKellar as a couple who downsize and move downtown to a hip condo to change their lives and begin again. That explains why they’re showing her on Ossington!

You’ll have to watch it for yourself; we’ve embedded it below. Whether there will be more Ossington exposure in the show – we’ll have to wait until it premieres in July.

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  1. They shot that scene on the sunday afternoon Lou Reed died. We watched from the Telegramme window.

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