Sweaty Betty’s Celebrates 10 years on Ossington

Sweaty Bettys Bar

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.54.46 PMIt’s been 10 years since one of the original Ossington bars opened. Sweaty Betty’s celebrated the occasion yesterday in the manner to which fans of the spot have become accustomed – deals on beer, people doing shots, and an all-around good time had by all. Owner Paul Christo-Williams threw a great little anniversary party, and even served his loyal customers some oysters from Rodney’s and a bunch of snacks and pizza. The party lasted all day and spread from the front bar to the back patio, despite the chilly spring day.

When Sweaty Betty’s opened 10 years ago, the Ossington strip was devoid of bars and restaurants. The only currently operating establishment in the category was the Communist’s Daughter, up on Dundas, which opened only a year before. Sweaty Betty’s is an icon on the street and has been known to host celebrities during the film festival and other times.

It can also lay claim to one of the best hidden patios in the city, where you can enjoy a quiet pint on casual chairs and catch up with friends.

Happy Anniversary to Sweaty Betty’s. May we all enjoy many more un-fancy drinks there for years to come!

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