Ossington Restaurants Participate in Gluten Freedom Week

Gluten-free diners will have more options this May with several restaurants participating in Gluten Freedom Week in Toronto and Ossington Village.

With the growing number of people adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, they continue to look for restaurants that accommodate their diet. Gluten Freedom Week has enlisted restaurants to offer a 3-course prix fixe gluten-free option from May 25-31.

Those who eat gluten-free will be happy to dine at top restaurants, like Ossington spots Delux, Fishbar, and Yours Truly,  and Ursa on Queen.

The special menus are listed on the site under each participating restaurant, and the choices are representative of each restaurant, so even if you don’t eat gluten free, they sound delicious.

This seems to be the first week long gluten-free event in Toronto, but based on the amount of people asking for these options, it will likely succeed and expand to become a regular offering. If you’re interested in eating out or learning more, we’ve linked to the website above and you can follow @GlutenFreedomTO on Twitter. Also, share using the Hashtag #GFW14.

Enjoy happy and healthy dining, and share your comments as you go!


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