Now Open: Bang Bang Ice Cream Bakery

wpid-IMG_20140514_112121.jpgSay goodbye to your diet and hello to ice cream! Not your average ice cream, either. Bang Bang, which just opened south of Boehmer at 93 Ossington, makes a lotĀ of interesting and tasty flavors of ice cream. Yes, they have chocolate. And vanilla. They also have burnt toffee, cinnamon toast and incorporate local ingredients in the “Sam James Coffee Bar Espresso” and the “Bellwood Stout.”

So, ice cream. Oh, have you left to go order some? Totally understand. In addition to a long list of original flavours of ice cream, Bang Bang will also make you ice cream sandwiches incorporating a variety of delicious cookies or cream puffs. Or you can buy a tub and some cookies and make them at home later. Yes, some of the cookies are gluten-free too!

Spring is here, summer is coming (we hope!) and ice cream is now being served on Ossington. We’ve been waiting for them to open and now they have! If you aren’t already on your way to Bang Bang, check out some photos below:

[cincopa AIGAXurtYEzG]


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