The Goods opens their doors on Dundas

After working at growing their business making healthy lunches of salads, smoothies and soups for delivery, Lisa Labute and Cat Parker of The Goods have opened up a retail shop on Dundas. The location is  1255 Dundas West, just east of Dovercourt in the former home of Lost and Found (before they moved down to Ossington). Friday was their first day of operations and the community has been enormously receptive.

The were operating their small business out of the kitchen of Brockton General, a little further along Dundas, until they decided it was time to get their own dedicated location so they can continue to grow. You can now walk over to Dundas and pick up a smoothie, salad or soup, as we did on Saturday, and either eat it there, at one of only a few stools in the place, or take it home. They are open from 8 am – for that morning smoothie or chai-guy pickup to get you going – to 6pm, where you can grab a rocket wrap or green gold salad for dinner. They are continuing their delivery service, so if you want a healthy lunch, they will have it on your desk if you get your order in on time.

I’m sure they will continue to expand their menu and offerings and have lots of specials so follow along their Facebook page here, or check out their site here.


The kitchen where the good Goods are made. IMG_20140208_133548

Some delicious smoothies: