Oz Studios transforms to Maxine’s for TV show The Divide

IMG_20140129_133306If you’ve walked by 129 Ossington today you may be thinking that we have another new bar on the street. In fact, it’s the part of the set for an upcoming drama to be aired on WE TV, an affiliate of AMC. The show is called The Divide and, according to its Wikipedia page and this article from Deadline Hollywood, it’s “an exploration of morality, ambition, ethics, politics and race in today’s justice system through the eyes of an impassioned case worker and an equally passionate district attorney who end up confronting each other over whose views of justice are correct.” If you’re a follower of such things, the show is the first scripted series the WE TV has undertaken. Among the cast is Nia Long, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boyz in the Hood and Big Mama’s House.

As part of the set, Oz Studios has been transformed into Maxine’s tavern, presumably where some of the action takes place. Even though it looks like a cozy place to stop in for a pint, unfortunately there’s not much behind the facade except Oz studios as it always was, with a bunch of TV set equipment.