Changes at Humbert St – Mamakas to arrive soon

The corner of Humbert and Ossington has been going through some changes recently. The two locations on the north and south side of the intersection are about to change – the south side into a Greek restaurant, and on the north corner we’re still awaiting word on what the new owners want to do.

The south side of the intersection is 80 Ossington, the former location of Ministry of the Interior, a high end design shop that was here until a couple of years ago. The space has been empty for quite some time and until a few weeks ago the sides were boarded up. It has emerged with a grey stucco front and glass doors, and a series of new windows on the north side of the building. It’s starting to have the appearance of a restaurant.

We learned recently that it’s still going to be called Mamakas, but instead of being a bakery, as the signage from April 2012 suggested, it’s going to be focussing on authentic Greek cuisine, with smaller dishes using real Greek ingredients. The windows were installed to allow for a bright airy space, which will be good when they eventually open for lunch. IMG_20140120_154623

On the north corner, as BlogTO and Toronto Life last week reported,  the Levack Block building was sold to new owners. The building sold for almost $3M after being on the market for a while. Levack Block was one of the founding ‘hip’ spots on Ossington, catering to young partiers who crowded the back room regularly and quite likely led to the restaurant moratorium in 2009 due to noise complaints and other issues. The building does not have official historic designation, but any changes will certainly be examined by the Toronto Historical Preservation services as it is one of the oldest buildings on the strip. The building features a beautiful upstairs party space which hosted numerous corporate parties and weddings. Although we don’t know what’s going in there at this point, we’ll let you know when we hear news.