Where to go on Ossington for Christmas Eve and Christmas

wpid-IMG_20131223_123621.jpgOhmigod! Christmas is 2 days away! Don’t worry, if you still need to buy a gift, check out our gift guides. Looking for somewhere to eat and drink? So were we, so we’ve done the research for you.

Here’s what’s open in the neighborhood:

Amaya Express: Open Dec. 24th, closed Dec. 25th

Bazara Sushi: Open Dec. 24th, closed Dec. 25th

Bellwoods Brewery: Brewpub closed Dec. 24th and 25th; Retail store open 11a-6p the 24th, closed the 25th

Crafted: Open 8-2:30 on Dec. 24th, closed Dec. 25th – Jan 1st

Crooked Star: Open Dec. 24th, closed Dec. 25th

Get Well Bar: open regular hours, except a little later start on Dec. 25th, open 8PM

Ideal Coffee: open Dec 24th until 5pm, closed Dec. 25th, open on the 26th

Lakeview Restaurant: Will be open Dec 24th and Dec 25th with a deep fried turkey marathon

Opera Bob’s: Open both days; starting later on Dec. 25th and instead of a full menu, will serve a pot of chili or something along those lines

The Painted Lady: Open on Dec. 24th at 8pm, closed Dec. 25th, open Dec. 26th

Pho Tien Thanh: open every day (and they are going to be BUSY!)

Sweaty Betty’s: Open Dec 24th and 25th from 5pm to close.

As for the others. If we don’t list it, we couldn’t find any information on it! We will update as we find more information.

Bohmer: Closed until Dec. 27th

The Dakota Tavern: closed until Dec. 26th

Delux: closed until Dec. 30th

Enoteca Sociale: closed until Dec. 26th

Fishbar: closed until Dec. 27th

The Garrison: closed until Dec. 26th when they begin their Boxing Day Festival

Golden Turtle: closed Dec 24th, reopening January 8th

The Grove: closed until Dec. 27th

Hawker Bar: closed until Dec. 26th

Pizzeria Libretto: closed until Dec. 26th

Quinta: closed until Dec. 27th

Rock Lobster: closed until Dec. 26th

Soos: closed until Dec. 27th

The Ossington: closed until Dec. 26th

The Saint: closed until Dec. 27th

Union: closed until the 27th

Yours Truly: closed every Tuesday and Wednesday anyway.

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