Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Opens in New Location on Dundas


The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy, which has operated on the corner of Dundas and Dovercourt for over 15 years, recently moved. It is now open at 1168 Dundas, in the spot recently vacated by the Dollar Joint. Peter Wong, the pharmacist and proprietor, decided to change locations when his lease expired.

The new location has much more space for the pharmacy and is clean, well organized and more stocked with merchandise. The back of the shop features space for a doctors office, including reception, waiting area, offices and examination rooms.  Right now it’s still vacant, but he is looking for a local doctor who wants to work in the area and set up a small clinic. It’s a needed service in the area as the next closest option for a doctor or walk-in clinic is over near Bathurst and College.

If you know a doctor (or are a doctor) who is looking to build a local practice with an already built office, stop by the shop.

Most of all stop, say hi and support your local pharmacist. He’s happy to service all your prescription needs.