Dollar Store/Medicine Shoppe Shuffles, and other comings and goings.

The strip along Dundas between Dovercourt and Ossington has been going through a big change recently with a bunch of closings and openings.

The change continues with a shuffle down the street of The Medicine Shoppe, a pharmacy run by Peter Wong which has operated at the corner of Dundas and Dovercourt for over 15 years. He’s aiming to open next week in the old Dollar Joint location a little further east on Dundas toward Ossington. There will be a walk-in clinic connected in the back of the location – much needed in the neighbourhood. He is still in search of doctors who are looking to start a small local practice, so if you know someone, feel free to stop by the shop and say hi and pass along names and ideas. With the opening of Shoppers down at the bottom of Ossington, it’s always nice to see the local pharmacist grow his business in the neighbourhood.


If you’ve been missing a dollar store since the departure of Dollar Joint, don’t fret. The old furniture store, Galagas, which closed up last year, is reopening as Dollarama. As you can see from the picture below, the construction is well underway and the windows are papered with the Dollarama logo. It’s not a particularly exciting retail idea for the area; but we’ll be honest, we miss the Dollar Joint. It can be useful to pick up some last minute party balloons, paper supplies, or a gift card.


We also noticed that the fish monger, Peixaria Portugal on the corner of Ossington and Dundas, is now empty. We’re going to miss his grilled Sardines and other barbeque goods during the Portuguese parade! IMG_20130921_111845

Back on Dundas, we noticed there’s now an empty space on the north side west of Ossington at the old Lanalgo store – an old dated fashion store that was due for a change. We’ll see what happens in this location and keep you up to date.