Small Business Updates – Papelaria Portugal, Superior Dry Cleaners and more

There have been a few changes recently we’ve noticed in the shops between Roylat and Dundas including Superior Dry Cleaner, Papeleria Portugal, and the little spot beside Fishbar. Here’s what we know (and don’t know).

You may have seen recently a For Sale sign on the building which houses Superior Dry Cleaner. This is our only local dry cleaner (and she’s a pretty good tailor for minor things) so we were concerned. It turns out she’s not going anywhere as she’s on a pretty solid lease, but the building itself is being sold. According to the listing, There are 6 apartments in the space, as well as the dry cleaner and it can by yours for only $1.25M.


One of the pictures on the listing page worth checking out (which we liked anyway) was their rooftop deck. Nice place to enjoy the neighbourhood!

Just a couple doors up you may have also seen that the Papeleria Portugal is having a clearance sale with up to 80% off items in the store. According to the shopkeeper they are shifting to become more of a convenience store rather than a gift shop (if that’s what you’d call it now?) Keep an eye out as they start to change their inventory to have more small food items rather than the knick-knacks and football paraphernalia they have now.


Get your religious figures while they last.


Lastly we also noticed that the scaffolding has finally been removed from the space just south of Fishbar. The scaffolding on the location had been up for over a year so we assume something is being done to the location, although we haven’t heard yet. If you know what’s planning on going into the location drop us a line or throw it into the comments below. IMG_20130821_135513