Crywolf settles into new spot at 91 Ossington

IMG_2693Crywolf Clothing has opened a permanent shop at 91 Ossingon, just south of Boehmer Founded by two entrepreneurs, Stephanie Drabik and Rose Chang, Crywolf Clothing is a busy functioning business operational online and at craft shows and pop-up shops.

Stephanie and Rose recently decided they needed a retail location to grow their business, and, right on trend with the times, they are asking for community support to achieve their goals. They signed the lease for 61 Ossington location, and then set up an Indigogo account to raise money for their new venture – somewhat in a reverse order to the normal business process. They wanted to prove to their already loyal following that they were committed to their new permanent location and so took the move before having their full funding in place. We’ve seen it for movies and non-profits, so why not one to fund a local retailer? This takes shop local to the next level! Everybody who donates gets a reward, and it’s original, locally produced merchandise, ranging from note cards up to pet portraits and print-screening workshops.

The shop is full of creative screen prints with an animal theme – lots of dogs, wolves, and other creatures. This one from their website is called the Fox Mulder T-Shirt.

 Here’s one of their newer designs with a patterned theme.


Here’s a video they made where they explain their shop and why they are raising money for this new venture.

Crywolf – Brick and Mortar Shop – Indiegogo Project from Crywolf on Vimeo.

They also design their own set of jewelry with clever designs of animals and other fun and cute objects.


Stephanie and Rose are also a big fan of dogs and have a line of collars which they will custom print.


We loved these cute little acrylic statues



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