Photoblog: Long Weekend in Ossington Village

Long Weekend Bellwoods Beer line

This was a great long weekend in Toronto. There were some stressful moments, starting with everyone rushing to stock up on booze with the threatened LCBO strike, but turned out to be a weekend of good weather and time spent enjoying it outdoors.

Long lines at the local LCBO at Dundas and Dovercourt means they took advantage of the strike threats the Thursday before the Victoria Day weekend:


Ardor Bistro is now officially open on Ossington, serving authentic Chilean and Peruvian food and cocktails.


Those are just the featured cocktails. Ask about the other Pisco drinks, including the Pisco Sour. The food at Ardor is not to be missed, with a lot of seafood dishes like ceviche and grilled octopus, pictured here:



A new food tour group, Savour Toronto, hit the streets of Dundas West and Ossington this weekend, taking food lovers on a culinary adventure. We caught them at their final stop over some ice cream at The Arrow Cafe:


If you noticed an overabundance of motorcycles parked on the street this Saturday, they were all here for the Town Moto backyard bbq:


The BBQ was a big event, taking up Town Moto’s large backyard, and the space next door at G Gallery. The generous crew served up hot dogs, beers and rum drinks to the crowd of customers and locals:


There was a somber tone after a shooting at a private house party on Ossington resulted in one man’s death. The ensuing police investigation shut down traffic north of Dundas. The shooter has been arrested and charged with murder.


The patios and bars were hopping all weekend, with bands playing and people dancing. Here’s a shot from the Iya Ire show at The Painted Lady on Sunday night:


The weekend ended much like it began, only this time people lined up for the delicious beer at Bellwoods Brewery’s retail shop, taking advantage of their holiday hours.


Have any photos from your long weekend in our part of town? Post links in the comments.

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  1. We were on a pub crawl last Sunday and our first stop was Bellwoods!

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