Opening Soon on Ossington

94 Ossington

We are eagerly anticipating a few new places to open soon, including a hair salon, a retail store and some more restaurants.

Signs are up, but we are still waiting for word on official opening dates. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, and please do the same!

PopUp 120, located at 120 Ossington, formerly 120 Modern, is going to rotate various fashion and design brands through the store every season. The storefront looks ready, and the store looks stocked, so we should see doors open soon.


Hero Heroine is a new salon opening just south of Dundas at 216 Ossington, formerly Cantadora. I met one of the owners, Nico, and they hosted an open house yesterday, so their friendliness will definitely fit in in this neighbourhood!


Another restaurant looks to be opening soon in the former site of Paramour, at 94 Ossington. Auntie Paleo’s window signage is attracting lots of attention on Twitter, maybe because paleo cuisine is the next big thing. This will be a great source of energy for the cross-fit fans of Academy of Lions down the street. The sign just went up this week, and we can’t tell when it will be ready to open.


We’ve also been waiting for the new restaurant or bar that’s supposed to be opening at 121 Ossington, the former home of More Than Pasta. A few months ago it sported a liquor license application for a place called The Well, now it has new sliding front windows, but we can’t see beyond the blackout papers.


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