Celebrate Mother’s Day in Ossington Village

landlMother’s Day is upon us, and we want to remind you that you can find a great gift and/or celebrate in Ossington Village.

First, you’ll want to buy Mom a present. You can buy her a unique gift at one of the vintage shops on the street, and this Thursday, the TO Vintage crawl offers a great opportunity for all night shopping. If you don’t find anything there, you can pick up something unique and Toronto-made at Philip Sparks, or something fashionable at one of the new stores down the street. Another idea is a gift certificate from one of our local salons, or, for the sweet tooth, some custom-made cupcakes from Le Dolci.

If you want to take Mom out for a meal, the Sunday brunch options are plentiful! Mom should love the traditional brunch options at Union, Delux, and The Saint Tavern. Hawker Bar is even planning a special Mother’s Day Brunch this Sunday.

If you are bringing children, the more casual Lakeview Lunch or Dakota Tavern‘s Bluegrass Brunch may be up your alley, just get there early to beat the line. In lieu of brunch, lunch is available at Pizzeria Libretto.

Another fun thing to do with your mom is take her to a show! Weekend shows at Lower Ossington Theatre range from stand-up comedy to show’s tailored to children to adult musicals. If you can’t take in a show this weekend, buy tickets for another time so you can celebrate again!

Maybe Mom wants to sleep in or relax during the day, in that case, make a dinner reservation at Union, The Grove or The Saint for their Sunday supper. There’s also lots of entertainment choices: music, trivia and more.

No need to leave the neighborhood to celebrate – Happy Mother’s Day!



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