The Dakota Tavern’s Bluegrass Brunch – Now on Saturdays and Sundays

Bluegrass Brunch at The Dakota

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Update – Dec 4, 2015: Prices have gone up, for adults it’s now $18 a person. Plus, you can now make reservations for the Saturday show, for either the 10am or the 12 noon seating. Make your plans at least 48 hours in advance! Update – Feb 1, 2014: The hours for the bluegrass brunch are now 10am to 2pm.

If you like music or food, and especially if you like both, and you live in downtown Toronto, you’ve been to The Dakota Tavern for Bluegrass Brunch. If you haven’t, now’s the time, because they’ve just expanded the brunch to Saturdays from 11a-3P, and continue on Sundays from 11a-3P.

The bluegrass brunch is family style, with plates of scrambled eggs and potatoes, pancakes and sausages, fruit salad, OJ and coffee, all in for less than $15 adult and $8 for kids. Speaking of kids, bring them: this is a very inclusive event, kids are welcome, and most of them love to dance to the music!

The food is delicious and plentiful, and the food is not the only attraction! Every weekend, a great bluegrass band featuring talented local musicians plays for free while diners eat brunch. Often the band consists of members of the Foggy Hogtown Boys, as it did yesterday.

So, the music and the food are both great. What’s the catch? The only catch is you may have to wait for a table, or a seat at the long common table. Often there are people lining up outside at 10:30am on a Sunday (and probably now on Saturday too), so if you want to be there for the first set, get there early. Otherwise, show up after 12 noon, and you’ll likely only wait 20 minutes, and you’ll be indoors tapping your toes, or dancing with your kids, to some great local music. Just another regular event we are lucky to experience.





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