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Our tickets

Trampoline Hall is a monthly event held at The Garrison on Dundas West, and last week we finally got a chance to experience it. This unique lecture series has existed in Canada for over 10 years, and is hugely popular, consistently playing to a sold out crowd.

We went to our first Trampoline Hall on Monday, April 8. Hosted by the witty and humorous Misha Glouberman, Trampoline Hall has a different curator or curating team each month. The curators make the selections for that month’s speakers, the only caveat being the topic cannot be within the speaker’s area of expertise. Because of this set-up, each Trampoline Hall event is different, aside from the very entertaining host and an enthusiastic crowd. The curators on April 8 were the art duo Life of a Craphead.

The three lecturers on April 8 covered the topics of walking, ghosts and hell. The fact that these lecturers were not per-se “experts” seemed to make the audience more comfortable with those onstage, and the questions demonstrated compassion and genuine interest. The topics and speakers were thought-provoking, and the personal stories evoked emotions ranging from awe, empathy, concern, hilarity and more. The audience is encouraged to ask questions, and the questions and answers were as compelling as the lectures.

The list of topics was very vague before the show, and maybe that’s always the case. Don’t let the list of topics dull your interest. The host, the curators, the speakers and the engaged audience combined to make this event worth attending again and again. Trampoline Hall happens once a month on a Monday at The Garrison. Limited tickets are available the Thursday before the show at Soundscapes, and the $6 price is well worth it.

Some video from the April 8 event:

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