Dr. Cabbie films on Dundas

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 12.13.00 PM

Canadian film “Dr. Cabbie” is filming today on Dundas just east of Ossington. The film, about a young Indian immigrant doctor-turned-cab driver who turns his cab into a mobile medical vehicle, began filming in Toronto earlier this week.

The shoot is taking place in a garage on Dundas West, across the street and a little bit east of Opera Bob’s. We didn’t see any of the actors, but Adrienne Palicki from Friday Night Lights and Canadian born Vinay Virmani are in the cast, so maybe you or we will spot them at one of our locals or on set.

According to the articles linked above, the film should be released this Fall.You can follow Dr. Cabbie on twitter and facebook as they continue to shoot in our neighborhood and city.