Blue Jays Opening Day (and where to watch sports on Ossington)

Blue Jays

imagesApril 2nd marks Opening Day for the Toronto Blue Jays and the start of another season. With a renewed team which has acquired a lot of talent in the off-season, you are going to want to find places to watch the games while in the hood. Only a few years ago you would have had limited choices, but now there are a number of options on the street to watch games, be they our baseball team, premier league or local FC soccer, or our (perhaps playoff bound) hockey team.

Opera Bobs is the most obvious choice to catch the Jays as well as any number of sports events. Now four years old, it’s become a mecca for Toronto sports fans who come for their intimate environment and accommodating staff. For opening day, they are offering $5 pints and ball park dogs are on the house. The big screen will be down and the sound will be on as the Jays face the Indians on opening night. Keep coming back over the course of the season as they host special events for the Jays and are a simply a great place to watch the game while the team is on the road, as well as when you don’t feel like high-priced drinks at the stadium.

Matt from Rock Lobster is also a big sports fan. With one big screen over the bar and an enthusiastic sports-loving staff, it’s become a place to go on the strip where you can cozy up and watch your favourite team. You may have to argue with your neighbour or the bartender to get your favourite game on if there are conflicts (Hockey playoffs are upon us soon and the Leafs may be playing), but the screen is visible from much of the front of the restaurant and the food is delicious.

The Saint blesses us with a few big screens behind the bar, and generally they have a game on when the Jays or other local teams are playing. It’s not the first place you’d think of when coming up with places to watch sports on the strip, but we’ve watched games there and enjoyed their fine food and drinks.

The Ossington doesn’t regularly have sports, but this Opening Day, they are showing the game on the big screen in the back room for the night with promises of sweet drink specials and good times.

First pitch tomorrow night is 7:07! Where will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.